Plant control retrofit for Swiss chocolate producer, Maestrani

Driving productivity

At a glance

  • New plant control system gives Maestrani full control over all of its processes
  • Retrofit meticulously planned by Bühler to upgrade machinery, integrate communication and control and improve efficiency for plant and workers
  • Bühler engineers work with the Maestrani team to ensure a smooth transition with minimal production downtime

Giving Maestrani full control

After 160 years of continuous development, Maestrani had a disjointed process, with elements physically in the wrong place and many machines that couldn’t communicate with one another. Our meticulous planning approach defined function and control down to the individual component level, from the arrival of raw materials, through mass production to storage tanks.

D-Day – as smooth as chocolate

When D-Day arrived, we were able to get production online, under the new Bühler WinCos® system, on the first day after Go Live. Our engineers remained on-site to help Maestrani operators and engineers adopt the new system. Maestrani now has a fully integrated, optimized plant with the communication, visibility and control they need to drive productivity, today and into the future.

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