Swissmill - Conversion to high-voltage

Weekend conversion to ensure bread on Easter Monday

At a glance

  • Zürich raised voltage from 11,000 to 22,000 volts
  • Switzerland's largest mill had to convert without serious interruption to their ongoing operation
  • Perfect planning, ordering and supply of the new system from a singe source guaranteed Bühler could manage the conversion in one weekend

Conversion with minimal interruption

Swissmill, the largest mill in Switzerland, grinds 200,000 tons of grain annually. It's a 24-hour operation, where around 1000 machines, driven by about 2000 engines, transform 1000 tons of grain a day into over 100 different flours and specialties. The key technical challenge of converting the plant to high voltage was to minimize disruption of this impressive operation.

Upgraded monitoring system too

Bühler + Scherler took on the complete reconstruction of the electrical systems with a promise that the final transition would be completed in a single Easter weekend in time for full production on the Monday. Meticulous planning and a modular installation were key to success. The project also included the modernization of energy monitoring to enable Swissmill to read and evaluate all relevant data directly from the Schneider Electric circuit breakers.

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