Taking malt production to new heights.

Experience and technology to enhance your malting plant

With Bühler Malting, decades of process know-how and the latest technology combine to create tailored automation solutions to meet your precise needs.

Whether you aim to build, expand or modernize malting plants or silo facilities, we can help you to consistently deliver higher quality, improve safety standards and enhance operational reliability and plant availability. From standalone automation to fully integrated factory automation across upstream and downstream functions, our solutions can transform your malting operation, today and long into the future. 

Improve control, from order to storage

WinCos® Automation for maltings

Our WinCos® plant control system for maltings gives you fingertip control over all of your key processes. From energy optimization in germination and kilning, to individual control of steep tanks and recipe management, we can help you to enhance product quality and consistency. Friction-less job planning and execution ensure plant optimization. Product traceability is assured and remote diagnostics, alerts maintenance and support can all transform uptime and OEE.

Full integration, from order to storage

We can provide full integration from ERP to storage or shipping, giving you full monitoring, control and analysis over your whole plant. This might include ERP, additives systems, cooling and heating plant, water plant, raw material and malt silos, wheat or barley cleaning and deculming.

Sensor upgrades for improved control

C02 monitoring, humidity and moisture measurements and automatic temperature control can all be brought into your automation solution, helping to enhance energy efficiency, improve batch consistency and speed up the overall process.

Viking Malt – automation lifts output 

Automation upgrade increases maltings output by 5%.

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