Grain Logistics

Automating transport, cleaning and storage systems.

Minimizing your post-harvest losses

As soon as the crops have been harvested, the focus is on cleaning, drying storing and transporting grains and oilseed with minimal wastage.

Whether you are creating a new grain facility or refurbishing an existing site Bühler Automation can help you to maximize efficiency, enhance product quality and cut raw material wastage at every stage. Our intelligent modular solutions can cover your whole process, from automated ship unloaders to intelligent truck management, covering cleaning and grading systems, energy-saving continuous flow dryers, and a full range of conveying and dedusting systems. 

Giving you the ultimate control in Grain Logistics

Mercury MES factory automation

Our brand-new factory automation system, now available for grain logistics applications, keeps your operators in control, on any device and no matter where they are on your site. Operators receive guidance for key functionality to help maximize productivity. Mercury offers customizable dashboards and a dedicated focus on MES functionalities, such as full product and production traceability or KPI monitoring. Not least, it is your entry into the world of IoT-based plant optimization.

Boosting productivity with comprehensive control

Our automation solutions will give you comprehensive control at all times. Automated route navigation will maximize productivity and minimize energy consumption. Intelligent truck management reduces human error and ERP system integration can optimize workflow. The whole process is visualized through simple touch screens and real-time and historic data is always available. Remote diagnostics, maintenance and alerts help your operators and our engineers to continually monitor, support and improve your logistics operation, from delivery to final destination.

Unique technology, including EcomationTM and EcoIntelligenceTM

Bühler’s long experience in developing grain logistics solutions has led us to develop a number of specialist technologies. Our EcomationTM moisture control system minimizes the risk of over-drying and reduces energy consumption. Our EcoIntelligenceTM dryer control system provides optimal monitoring, control and adjustment, reducing operator error and making control simple and effective.

Ethiad Mills in All Dahara

Etihad Mills – getting silo plant up and running

ProPlant solution links 20 grain silos with ship unloader 1.5kms away.

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