Cocoa & Chocolate

Chocolate know-how meets automation expertize.

Enhance your chocolate production, from bean to packet

Bühler has been helping the world’s best chocolate and sweet producers to enhance production, improve product quality and drive down costs for many years.

Our fully automated solutions can provide you with the critical information and control you need to ensure efficient, flexible and safe processing. More than that, our constant innovation can give you the agility to adapt to rapidly changing consumer tastes and global demands, providing a real advantage in the highly competitive sweets and chocolate market.

Explore here what is brand new about our conche control!

Chocolate innovation at every step

Full factory automation systems

Our WinCos® plant control system can give you more accurate control over hot air and moisture in the roasting process, can check parameters in already processed jobs and optimize production planning. This is full factory automation from cocoa beans, to final packaged product.

Self-optimizing Smart Chocolate Factory

With the Self-optimizing smart chocolate factory Bühler bring you the age of IoT and the fourth industrial revolution. Four new game-changing digital services for the traditional DoMiReCo line (dosing, mixing, refining, conching) will increase performance, reduce operational costs and keep quality on target, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

ChocoBotic® reinventing chocolate moulding

Our ChocoBotic® integrated technology uses robotics to link up with manufacturing processes. Lines free of chains and their lubricants, fewer components, and fewer stations – coupled with a more hygienic design, more flexible processes, and multi-use stations deliver efficiency and quality in tandem.

Maestrani – plant control retrofit 

New process control system improves productivity and enhances quality.

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