Self-optimizing Chocolate Line - the future in chocolate mass production

Rapidly advancing networking technologies combined with the increasing availability of sensor and actuator systems is enabling us to develop the generation automation to drive quality and throughput to the next level.

With the Self-optimizing Chocolate Line, Bühler points the way into the digital age and fourth industrial revolution. Four new game changing digital services added into a DoMiReCo line (dosing, mixing, refining, conching) will further increase your performance, reduce your operational costs and keep quality on target at any time. Furthermore, information about quality, performance and equipment availability are accessible anytime, anywhere, for smarter and faster decision-making.

At a glance

Operational cost savings are achieved with:

  • Top performance with consistently high throughput, process efficiency and quality
  • Reduced intervention and rework thanks to reliable and accurate control system
  • Full process transparency for smarter decision-making with real-time KPI dashboards

self optimizing chocolate line

Optimal operation, 24/7

The DoMiReCo line will always run in its optimal operation mode, almost independent of raw material variations or operator skills. This typically leads to significant savings by reducing downtime, rework and energy demand.

Controlling your most important parameters

Miscellaneous smart sensors and actors enable the system to continuously monitor, control and optimize your most important parameters such as particle size, roll coverage etc.

Smart decision-making built-in

The anytime, anywhere available process and machine KPI’s enable you to further investigate your line, production and equipment. It will help you to better predict and control your final product quality, process sustainability and machine maintenance.  

In short, the Self-optimizing Chocolate Line is an easy way to enjoy full transparency, improved quality and reduced costs, giving you that all important competitive edge. 

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