Take your plant control to a new level

WinCos® offers advanced plant monitoring and control, improving product quality and consistency, helping you to meet compliance and regulation requirements and improving your productivity.

Our industry experts will work with you to implement a tailored solution, carefully planned to minimize disruption. Once installed, WinCos® gives your operators the real-time and historic data they need to make better decisions. Automated processes will increase uptime and improve plant efficiency. Remote monitoring, alerts, diagnostics and maintenance give you better control with less resources. With over 1,000 plants benefitting from WinCos® around the world, isn’t it time you had the same advantage?

At a glance

  • A flexible, scalable system tailored to your needs
  • Enhance your product safety and production security
  • Boost efficiency where it matters most
  • Integrate with Intelligent Sensors, hardware and software and remote diagnostics
  • Enjoy superior Service & Support anywhere in the world

WinCos Plant Control

A flexible scalable system tailored to your needs

WinCos® is a flexible system that offers more than 80 modules developed to provide best-practice industry solutions. Our experienced engineers will use these modules to cost-effectively tailor a solution for your precise needs. Phased upgrades can be used to suit your production requirements and minimize downtime. Future expansion or adaption to meet changing demand is easily delivered.

Enhance your product safety and production security

WinCos® can provide raw material and finished product traceability (see movie below), backward and forward. We can protect your goods through product lock or automatic cleaning procedures and advanced recipe management can ensure consistent high quality. Real-time plant visualization and historic data can help you to smooth processes and drive up plant availability.

Boost efficiency where it matters most

Energy monitoring and management can help you to avoid costly peaks and reduce running costs. Intelligent route navigation can help you to plan and schedule production more efficiently to achieve higher productivity with fewer resources. 

Control system upgrade - Swissmill.

Automation upgrade allows optimal utilization of the production systems while improving product safety and process uptime.

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