Mercury MES

Next generation factory automation

Bühler’s Mercury Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can integrate your plant and control capability with all of your wider processes, bringing you the advantages of true factory automation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Integrating data from sales and customer orders, to raw material, resource consumption, storage and shipping can transform your plant efficiency. Uptime, product quality and consistency, compliance and regulation, safety and operator error can all be positively impacted. Autonomous decision-making can smooth production and automatically fix problems. 24/7 mobile monitoring and alerts allow your people to be more agile and remote diagnostics enable maintenance and support from anywhere in the world.

At a glance

  • Comprehensive factory automation brings supreme control
  • Graphical user interface focused on operator guidance for maximum productivity
  • Web-based operating, available also on tablets to push flexibility and mobility
  • Configurable dashboards help you focus and drive your efficiency
  • Enables agile working, operability and flexibility
  • IoT connectivity future-proofs your investment
  • You can enjoy superior Service & Support anywhere in the world


Comprehensive factory automation brings supreme control

Scalable MES functions allow communication with Entreprise Resource Planning (ERP), Quality Control (QC) and maintenance systems to optimize work flows. Product quality monitoring and statistics can enhance your food safety, traceability and validation. KPI management (such as line Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), energy or availability) is tailored to your facility. Truck and warehouse management can all be optimized for efficiency and safety. Meanwhile, communication interfaces integrate with upstream and downstream processes to improve performance without affecting those systems. 

Enables agile working, operability and flexibility

The intuitive operator interface will guide your people in best practice and minimize errors. Mobile control on any device can free up operators to oversee wider tasks. The whole Mercury system is independent of your device hardware – reducing investment costs and giving you full flexibility.

IoT connectivity future-proofs your investment

Mercury is fully connected to Bühler’s IoT platform, thus enabling digital services and upcoming data analytics. Mercury will also enable you to take advantage of any number of digital services in the future, as they become more popular.

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Upgrade to Mercury MES - Grüninger.

Automation upgrade allows optimal utilization of the grain processing production systems while improving product safety and process uptime.

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Available for: grain processing

Coming soon: grain logistics, rice, animal feed, pasta, bakery, malting, chocolate, nuts, and coffee


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