Energy Consulting

Bühler + Scherler delivering up to 30% energy savings

Bühler has been partnering with Bühler+Scherler for over 30 years, using advanced electrical engineering, building automation and energy conservation techniques to help customers reduce energy consumption, improve environmental performance and save money.

From a single production line or building, to a complete plant or complex, our unique energy consultancy approach will define the options for you. Working with your team, we’ll manage all aspects of your installation and ongoing support to ensure a reliable, sustainable, greener future.

At a glance

Energy Consulting

Increased line efficiency for a constantly high OEE

The two stage refining process self-optimizes to the highest throughput and provides consistent quality by implementing smart sensor systems and communication between your pre-finer and finer.

24/7 quality control with full transparency

Different smart sensor systems provide accurate, reliable measurement and control of the most important quality parameter in chocolate production: particle size. Process performance is continuously monitored and displayed on KPI dashboards, available anywhere, any time.

Operational cost savings on resources, energy and service expenses

The five-roll refiner will run 24/7 in its ideal operation mode, independent of raw material variations or operator skill level. This typically delivers significant savings by reducing downtime, smoothing raw material input, normalizing energy demand and delivering more efficient output.

Innovative automation delivering up to 30% energy savings 

Our innovative automation approach will consider all aspects of electrical engineering, energy concepts, building automation, measurement technology and process engineering for your specific project. We’ll combine this with the latest integrated control systems and power management systems to design an energy-saving system, for now, and for the future.

Energy conservation programs to help reduce day-to-day consumption

We’ll consider all of your major energy demands to find ways to reduce day-to-day consumption. This may include optimizing heat and ventilation systems, making motors and machinery more efficient, converting to LED lighting, using timers, sensors and automation to cut out unnecessary usage.

Best-practice solutions

Drawing on 30 years experience in all kinds of industries, all around the world, we can bring you best practice solutions that will help you to meet the highest possible standards. This can lead to CO2 levy refunds, best-in-class ecological performance, ISO 50001 certification and energy savings of up to 30%.

Swissmill – conversion to a high-voltage system 

Conversion implemented without serious interruption to ongoing operation.

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